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Are you amplifying your content?

Content is undoubtedly the kings and queens when it comes to digital marketing. Most of the companies get stuck when it comes to creating and curating content and then there is so much chit-chat about content strategy, publication and execution.

It sounds overwhelming, but the good news is a well organized content plan maximizes a brand’s visibility, increases engagement, websites visitors and social media followers.
Have you ever thought, how one can amplify content, if not create a new one all the time.

Here’s are some quick content amplifiers

Written a blog!
Blogs are the surest way to keep website updated and alive and help in creating a thought leadership for your website visitors. One a blog is published broadcast it on social media with a web link, think of reaching your database through email campaign. What else, you can also break the blogs in 2-3 key points and make it a social media post.
That’s certainly a good way to amplify your content.

E-mail campaign
Sending out an e-mail broadcast to people who have signed up to you and are interested in your brand is a very common and effective method used by the marketers nowadays to get more clicks and visibility on the web. Broadcasting your content with a simple teaser surprisingly has the ability to interest the user enough to engage him with the content.

Take it up on the social media
Social media nowadays comprises of almost 80 percent of the population in the virtual world. Sharing your published content on social media platforms and encouraging others to do the same can result in high traffic and engagement on your website. Social media provides the user with the ultimate tool of penetration and reach.
Think of engaging contest, takeaways or games for your followers to tag and share to their network.

Collaborate with the influencers
Influencers working in the same domain can also help you in promoting your content and market it to the audiences. It will also generate more engagement from the influencer’s side if the content is appreciated and acknowledged.

Use hashtags
If you are followers are active on Instagram and Twitter then you just can’t do away without hashtags. Hashtags help a lot in taking your content to the top of the search results for the audiences who enjoy similar kind of content. Broaden your reach by use of appropriate hashtags.

Why the wait, let’s get started.

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