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Brand’s mere exposure effect – Post Lockdown

In marketing phenomenon consumers develop preferences to products and services merely because they were familiar with your brand. With downtime, businesses can now capitalize the lockdown period to build rapport, connect and engagement with customers and prospects. Cutting down on marketing spent is the first thing that pops up in our head. But this maybe a short term fix and surely not a long term plan.

Here are some pointers how businesses can work on their mere exposure effect during the lean period.

The time to build rapport with customers and prospects is NOW: Totally switching off your digital presence and waiting for things to normalize may not be the right thing. People are relatively digitally active during lockdown. They are spending more time online. It’s time to put your brand in front where your target audience is already scrolling.

Engagement is the key: While your customers and prospects are active online, it may not mean they are doing or looking for business online. It is time to be a listen, influence, connect and engage with them. Start a conversation with your customers and prospects. Plan engaging contests, polls, conversations, etc. where there is involvement.

Test. Execute. Learn: The lockdwon time we have now to connect with our prospects may be only for a more few days. We need to be quick, smart and easy with our digital execution and engagement. Don’t over analyse ideas, do quick brainstorming, execute the idea, low cost budgets, monitor and measure the campaign. If it works work, great go to the next phase. If it doesn’t then move on to another idea. Time and execution both are crucial here.

Time to Learn: By learning I mean two things:

  • One – Learn to upgrade your skill: The time one may have now for personal and professional development is tremendous. You can pick on a skill, certification which will add value to your portfolio and eventually it will add value to your client’s business. Get those certification / skills upgrades and update your clients. This will build their trust and confidence on you.
  • Two: Learn your target audience, understand their preferences, study pain points once the market open. This will give you more insights and give a strategic approach while developing your marketing plan.


Get the competitive edge: While most of companies have gone low with their marketing and digital presence, so are your competitors. This is the perfect time for you to beat the clutter and be there available for your clients and prospects. Create informative and original content, participate in conversations, share your videos, stories, yours and your teams lockdown activities, achievements, etc. It’s the right time your clients and prospects can know more about you and not just your business.

Ultimately, the markets will open soon and we all be be back in business with the zeal and power to do our best. So, why wait now and start from scratch once the businesses gets going. Get the edge and be ahead of the competition by building on the efforts you have already put on now.

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