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What is the Click and Stick factor of your brand?

No doubt we are bombarded with information through various online mediums. Moreover, out of all the efforts that go into developing high valued content, only 28% of the text is read and attention span is not more than 8 sec!

Well, now that’s something we need to consider. Why do we prefer one brand over the other, and how can you ensure the stickiness factor?

So, once the user clicks and starts their first interaction with your brand ensure you deliver:

Value: WIIFM
What value does your brand talk about? Is it something emotional, personal, prospering or unique?
The crux is not what your brand offers but what value does your prospect look for in the brand / product / service like yours. It’s definitely not about you, but about your customers.

Once customers make their choices on what matters is consistency and convenience, regardless of competition and choices these two elements play a major role to acquire customers. The moment customers engage with your brand ensure consistent communication across channels to lead them towards the purchase cycle.

Social Proof
Well, this goes unsaid. In situations where customers are drenched with information, they are most likely to review social proofs such as reviews, recommendations, feedback from other users. The Brand can effectively use influencing strategy to influence the decision-making process of potential customers.

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