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Social Media hacks you didn’t know were free and existed in 2018

In the modern era, social media marketing has become one of the most quintessential parts of marketing strategy. It is no longer a place just for people to network or socialize, but has becomes one of the key business vehicle. Most of the companies are establishing their brands and promoting products and services through social media platforms in order to have higher reach and engagement.
However, there are many of us who believe that using digital platforms will definitely need additional funds and capital.

So, here are some hacks that can be used without adding burden on your pockets.

Relating your product/service to any trending topic and then submitting the snaps in the ‘Our Story’ section for higher reach and engagement.
Snapchat has a unique feature that allows the users to add images in the form of stories in their profiles. However, these stories can also be documented in the ‘Our Stories’ which is designated to trending events all across the world. This section can be viewed by anyone and thus reach can be increased exponentially.

Business profile in Instagram
Convert your company’s profile on Instagram to a business account to benefit from the additional features like ‘direct contact’, powerful insights of your posts which is free of cost, call-to-action feature on promoted posts etc. one can also leverage their bio through Instagram business profiles.

Use of augmented reality (filters and spectacles) in Instagram and Snapchat stories
Augmented reality is still a very unknown and unexplored tech for many people and thus using the AR filters and spectacles in the Instagram and Snapchat stories can help the companies in boosting the engagement.

Use polls and Q&A sessions on Instagram
Instagram users can now conduct polls and Q&A sessions with their followers through stories. These features have proven to be highly beneficial in collecting data and increasing the engagement.

Go live
The live video feature on social media can help in garnering more attention from the followers. Moreover, now people can join in on the live video of any person and thus subsequently can increase their reach. One can also interact with their followers on these live videos and tell them about themselves and ask them to go and visit their website to increase engagement.

Use call-to-action tools on Instagram and Snapchat stories
Instagram and Snapchat stories are now loaded with call-to-action features such as ‘Swiping Up’ which directly takes the follower to the website or the designated link posted by the user. Followers can also now react on the stories as well as send them to their friends or other users.

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