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Have you entered the Customer Mind-Space with Social Media

I once checked-in a restaurant and posted our posed selfies and food photographs on FACEBOOK while we had a wonderful time.


The next day I get a notification from this restaurant saying “You were at our restaurant yesterday, would you like to review your experience with us”. Curious about it had to say further

, I clicked on the notification, and a review window opened. As the time spent with friend was fresh in my mind I didn’t mind rating and writing a few lines about them.

This is how incredibly personal social media can get. My one review about my them has not only enhanced the restaurant’s ranking but they’ve definitely gotten into my mind space.

The level of customization, targeted audience reach, geographical reach which can get you directly into your customer’s mind space is possible with social media like no other medium.

So if you are craving to build a brand and create a memorable customer experience here’s what you could probably try out with your social media presence:

The moment someone tags you, your brand or talks about you; don’t wait, act immediately and respond. The trick here is been there and been really quick.

Show Gratitude
Respect your followers and treat them uniquely. If you have an online business sending a personalized thank you note can do wonders to create the brand experience. Make just-for-you promotions for your fans and followers. This will not only boost your website traffic but will take you one step deeper in their mind space.

Request for Reviews
Engage your audience by asking them for a review of their experience with your product / service. Be open to suggestions. Run a poll or a quiz to know exactly how your customers feel about your products or services. Share the poll feedback with others. Reward the best suggestion.

Manage negative feedback
As much as you can flaunt your positive interactions and reviews, you need to be equally quick and sensitive while dealing with those unhappy customer experiences. Don’t ignore the unsatisfied feedback or rather feedback for improvement. Be generous and humble to reach out to them and try to understand their point of view. Try to reimburse, compensate or resolve if possible. If you cannot resolve immediately, inform them. This gives them a sense that someone is listening to them.

Social media is a powerful business tool if used effectively and appropriately. Make optimum use of this lovely platform to build enriching customer experiences.

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