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Are your overwhelmed with SEO Strategy?

Here are some quick SEO Tips
Search Engine Optimization, widely known as SEO is a great marketing tool that focuses on growing online visibility of your business organically. I have come across various conversations where they say grow your business organically, and it’s easily refereed as Free.

But while we deeply ponder over this, is SEO really free?
Technically yes, as we don’t really have to pay for tools or online ads. But yes, a lot of quality time, professional resources are required who will be creating, curating and publishing content online and constantly. Yes, its a continuous process for a long term results.

SEO comprises of two elements

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

Here are few tips that can help you to improvise your on-page SEO

  • Title tag- Page titles are the most important SEO factors for your website. Include relevant
    titles for each page. Ensure all your pages have appropriately titles.
  • Meta Descriptions & Meta Tags: These are short descriptions for your page and you can include
    your most relevant keywords in these
  • URL: It;s recommend including search engine friendly URLs. Include targeted keywords in the URL for better crawling
  • Body Tags and Keyword Density: SEO is all about right keywords. Emphasize on using keyword
    rich headlines and content for better results at the same time don’t overload your content with keywords. There
    is something known as keyword density and Google is smart enough to understand the relevant keywords.
  • Image optimization: You can make great use of images to make your text appealing. However, for
    search engine to craw your images they need to understand. Optimize all your website images and videos with Alt+Text. This will help spiders to crawl your image and video content.
  • Internal Links: Placing appropriate links to your pages is another important aspect of SEO. It
    not all helps one navigate easily through your website but helps in better crawling also.

Thanks for reading through, please share your comments.

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